ovt. of India is presently operating different programs for different section of people around the country. As well known to every body that govt. i.e. Central as well as State is operating different kind of activities for the upliftment for every person in every sector of community and cast. To ensure the enactment of PWD acts 1995(Equal Opportunities Protection of Right & Full Participation) Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Govt. of India has taken many initiatives. Grameen Punarvas Yojna (GPY) is one of the important schemes to provide comprehensive rehabilitation service to the persons with disability at district level. District Disability Rehabilitation Center (DDRC) Nainital, Uttarakhand was established under G.P.Y. Scheme of Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Govt. of India to provide rehabilitation service to the persons with disability in District Nainital. This center was inaugurated on dated 16th - Aug.-2009. For better achievement of DDRC a District Management Team (DMT) is organized by the District Administration under the Chairmanship of District Magistrate (DM), Nainital. Since the formation of DDRC it has taken many welfare initiatives for Disabled Persons in Nainital district.

Location Of DDRC

District Disability Rehabilitation Center (DDRC) Nainital, is situated at Sovan Singh Jeena, Base Hospital, Haldwani in the District Nainital of Uttarakhand State. The main cause of the establishment of DDRC at Base Hospital, Haldwani because it is the center place of Nainital District and situated at near the Roadways Station, at where Roadways buses go and come from all the blocks/ Villages of District.

Aim / Objects Of DDRC

The main objects of opening District Disability Rehabilitation Center (DDRC) Nainital are as below:-

  • To identify and screen the persons with Disability (PWDs) for their rehabilitation.
  • To promote regular clinical services to the PWDs.
  • To distribute Aids and Appliances to the PWDs under ADIP scheme of Govt. of India.
  • To undertake all possible activities and research work for prevention of disabilities.
  • To facilitate the immunization programme and undertake awareness campaign for immunization to minimize occurrence of disabilities.
  • To provide services for use/ repair/ follow up of assistive devices.
  • To run regular pre school/ parent infant programme/ Early Identification & Education programme for the rehabilitation of PWDs at according to selected place by District Management Team for DDRC.
  • To provide special school placement/ Integrated Education referral services to the PWDs.
  • To function as District Level Monitoring Agency for the NGOs working in the district in the field of Rehabilitation of the PWDs.
  • To motivate NGOs and Rural clubs to start school/ centers for the PWDs.
  • To conduct parent guidance programme at different levels.
  • To promote information Technology based educational programme for the rehabilitation of the PWDs.
  • To provide supportive and complementary services to promote education.
  • To identify suitable vocations for PWDs, keeping in view local resources and designing vocational training.
  • To conduct sensitization/ orientation programme for the workers at Grass Root Level such as Anganwadi workers, Health Workers, Panchayat members, Volunteers, Parents and other regarding disabilities.
  • To conduct Community Awareness Programmes and Exhibitions at different level.
  • To conduct Awareness Campaigns for prevention of occurrence of Disabilities and rehabilitation of PWDs.
  • To facilitate the Medical Boards to issue Disability Certificates.
  • To assist the PWDs to obtain their Identity Cards, Scholarships, Disability pension, Widow pension, Old Age Pension and other facilities from different Government and other departments.
  • To organize and promote sports, Games, Cultural programmes and other related activities for the PWDs.
  • To work as a resource center of “National Trust” and run different programmes under the National Trust for the rehabilitation of the Persons with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation and Multiple Disabilities.
  • To promote community based rehabilitation to ensure community participation.
  • To accelerate convergence of activities with other related departments such as National Institute, National Trust, Health, Education, Social Welfare, Rural Development, Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan and District Employment Exchange etc.
  • To take imitative for Implementation of schemes/ policies of the State and Central Government on disability rehabilitation.
  • To work as a resource center for development, publication and distribution of different materials( Leaflets, Pamphlets, Booklets, Posters etc.) in regional language for different target groups on the following areas:-
  •        a) Causes Of Disability
           b) Prevention Of Disability
           c) Early identification and intervention strategies.
           d) Special education components.
           e) Methods of economic rehabilitation of disabled persons.
           f) Self employment and salaried employment avenues for disabled persons.
           g) Accessibility and barrier free environment for old and disabled persons.
  • Click here to download DDRC Progress Report