The Lotus Flower Trust

The U.K. based trust raised the majority part of the amount for the construction of the Janet Sheed Roberts School and Home for disabled children's building. The Trust's C.E.O., Mr. John Hunt had already donated the dresses and ordinary cloths for the reading disabled children in the School.

The Women in Travels

The U.K. based, Women in Travels, has also given help for the School through an auction.

State Bank of India

Manager, Regional Branch of State Bank of India, Peerumadara, Ramnagar, Nainital, Uttarakhand proposed for donating a water filter for the School and Hostel.

R.C. Sports Wears and Hosiery Works

Mr. Ramesh Chaudhary, Owner of R.C. Sports Wears and Hosiery Works, Kotabag, Nainital, Uttarakhand donated School Dress and Sports Wears for every reading child.

Himanila Holiday Home

Mr. Puran Chandra Sharma, Owner, Himanila Holiday Home, Manila, Salt, Almora, Uttarakhand donated amount for organize a School Tour at Garjia Temple.

Mr. Arjun Singh Rawat, Vice President, K.U.

All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS) Address – 9-241 Ansari Nagar(East), AIIMS New Delhi – 29 Mobile – 9013533094.

Mr. Raju Sharma, Businessman, Purani Tehsil, Ramnagar, Nainital, UK.

Mr. Shekhar Chandra, Gram Pradhan Basai, Ramnagar, Nainital, UK.

Mr. Dharmendra Sharma, Presedent of Patents Teachers Association, U.S R Coolege.

Future Development Society, Ramnagar Ramnagar, Nainital, UK.

Shushobit Sewa Trust, Ramnagar, Nainital, UK.

Mr. Harimohan Sarsawat, Industiralist, Ramnagar, Nainital, UK.

Rural Traveler Owner Sumantho Ghosh Donated School Dress

Km. Akansha Bhagat (Intern)

M.R. Sheeds, Tanda, Ramnagar, Nainital, UK.